GemCraft Guide - GemCraft Chapter Zero (Finding the Lost Amulets)

GemCraft is a unique Tower Defense/Strategy Flash game. It blends the game genres of Tower Defense along with RPG (Role Playing Games) in the fact that you gain Experience Points that you can then spend in your skills, thus making your journey easier. It is definitely one of the best (if not the best) Flash games I have ever played.

If you have not played this game yet, I highly suggest you do so, it's a great game, and truly remarkable what the creators have done with Flash Gaming!

Currently, I just have the following guide online (which is probably why you're here anyhow:

Finding the Lost Amulets in GemCraft Chapter 0

As time goes on, not only will I be removing it from the slow loading spreadsheet style, but I'll also be adding more information. I just wanted to get this posted for the few people who asked about this. Enjoy!

Note - If you're going to bookmark/favorite this site, make sure it's this page, as the other pages may not be available in the future as I change around the site.

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